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- Shareware
Creates highly optimized Doorway pages for your website. Each Doorway page is specifically tuned for high ranking for a particular keyword search. Doorway Page Wizard will even suggest better keywords for your Doorway page. Improve search engine ranking, Boost your website traffic! Doorway Page Wizard Professional is a 5 star rated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool that will help you generate massive amounts of traffic to your website! Doorway Page Wizard Professional has been used for years by top SEO firms across the country! Now its your turn to use the software professionals use to achieve a top search engine ranking!

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DIRECT MAIL - Shareware

Not just another Bulk Mailer. Its the best in its line. Sends mail using internal SMTP engine, does not need ISP's mail server. Sends directly to recipient's mail server using multiple threads. Personalize your emails, make them appear as if individually sent. With a built-in HTML editor compose and send professional looking newsletters. Direct Mail also employs several techniques to prevent your legitimate mail to be classified as junk by filters (of Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Earthlink, Prodigy, etc), which the other bulk mailers severely lack. ISP friendly, fast and very easy to use!

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