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Whether you have an existing business now or are thinking of starting one, the our Reseller program definitely gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Maybe you already have a Web site and sell some products online. Why not add another fast mover to your product offerings?

Our Reseller Program includes many time-saving, innovative features that you'll likely not find anywhere else:
Earn 30%-50% per copy - up to $40 for selling a single copy! That's more than twice what a Affiliate Partner earns.
We customize the trial version software with your own company name and ordering information!

Everyone who downloads the trial version from your Web site will try the software for 30 days. When they buy it they are transported to *your* Web site to place the order! You get the sale, you make the money.

You don't have a merchant account? You can't take credit card payments? Saurabh Informatics is pleased to process your credit card orders (this feature is optional) and even fulfill your online orders on our secure server (at a 10% charge only). We e-mail you a confirmation of each order and who placed it. Every month, we send you your payment. Or, you're welcome to process your orders on your own server and merchant account. Simply e-mail them a registration key to fulfill their order.
How much work is it to fulfill an order? Just send an e-mail with a registration key that you pre-purchased and the transaction is done! There's no shipping, no UPS, No Federal Express - nothing. Everything's done by e-mail.

Reseller Requirements:

To be a Reseller, you'll need to answer common questions from prospects about the software and take orders.

To make this as easy as possible, the Reseller Program includes:
a) An option to have us process your online and credit card orders via our secure server at 10% charge.
b) A Sales FAQ is provided to help you easily answer the most common questions from your prospects.

To be a Reseller, there's a No sign-up fee. However we need you to purchase at least one copy of any of our software at the normal price (It's ok if you have already made a purchase). Once you sign up you get the following:

Reseller Program which gives you many powerful marketing options at no extra charge
Customize the Trial version with your ordering information
Use your own order form page or have us process online orders
Sample banner ads, Button logos and graphics for online advertising use
Comprehensive Sales Q&A to help you or your sales people answer the most common questions, and close the sales!

Reseller Satisfaction Guarantee

We want this to be a "can't lose" opportunity. The any unused keys you purchase are 100% refundable if you're not completely satisfied within 60 days. Sign Up Now!

Authorized Resellers can purchase registration keys for resell at the following discounts on the actual product price:
30% off for 1-5 keys
40% off for 6-49 keys
50% off for 50+ keys

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Software is the easiest and most popular product to sell on the Internet. Email Marketing software appeals to anyone with a online business. Reselling our software is easy and makes great business sense.

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